Task List Hub

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Take control of your days with this complete management system built-in Notion

Simplify and make your task system clean and easy to navigate.
Create, organize and master your daily workflow. Never miss events and tasks again.
Just add the next event or task to Tasks List Hub and let the template do the rest.

Tasks List Hub includes:

👀 The Main page -> the information you need at a glance
Tasks Hub -> set a date, categorize, reschedule, make recurring tasks easily
📆 Events Hub -> create and visualize your commitments
🏆 Goals & Milestones page -> achieve milestones through smaller goals
📊 Productivity statistics page -> check your productivity through the year

➡️ step by step Bardeen integration to make recurring tasks
➡️ productivity graph by Notion2Charts

🔳 Minimal Black & White version available


Does this work with a free Notion account?

  • Yes, just duplicate it!

Are free updates included?

  • Yes, I have a lot of ideas for future updates already! Any suggestion is welcome and considered.

👋🏼 Hi! I’m Fre, the creator of this digital product.

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📂 Icons made by Freepik and max.icons from Flaticon

12 ratings
  • Task List Hub - Notion template

  • Free updates
  • Lifetime access
  • Guaranteed refunds
  • Task List Hub - Notion template
  • Free updates
  • Lifetime access♾️
  • Guaranteed refunds💸


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Task List Hub

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