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💡 Become the Creator you could be with this all-in-one Notion system.

The only tool you need as a Creator to be on top of the game.
Take action now on just what matters. Don’t lose focus and release your creations faster.

Everything is connected. Every possible information is just there, one click away.
Once a piece of information is stored here, it will pop up right when you need it.

This template takes advantage of all the capabilities of Notion and lets you express your full potential.

What can you expect from Creator Hub

This system will:

feed your stream of ideas

→ support you in gathering and organizing info and content mindlessly

help you focus on value-added activities

→ assure you never miss an event, a connection or a deadline

🌟 Manage all your content and needs mindlessly with 4 main sections

🔵Daily Actions - no friction for your creation habits

Every day is a good day to create. With this section, every day will be a better day to create.
Be inspired, enter in the zone, organize and then create. Get your sh*t done frictionless.

🔴Consistency - mindful organization for your Creator projects

The key to success is to be consistent and don't lose focus. Plan and organize to define a clear path to becoming a Creator.

🟣Resources - store and categorize every connections and piece of content you need

Curiosity is the Creators' main source of ideas. Feed it with every content and connection that comes your way.
Everything has its place and you'll find it where and when you'll need it.

🟠Results - keep track of your progress and cheer up for your achievements

Celebrate your achievements and learn from what people are saying about your work.
Keep an eye on how you're doing. What's working and what's not? It is crucial to be able to understand which is the best direction to take.

📂Some of the content you'll find inside Creator Hub

20 databases for a solid structure

The template’s structure is based on 20 databases deeply interconnected to each other.

14 pages for the perfect organization

The 4 sections also expand into 14 pages where multiple views and elements live to support your daily workflows.

Multiple organized templates for a faster and more comprehensive work

Each database has multiple structured templates to help you maximize each action you take inside it.

Two-clicks navigation bar for access everything quicker

For quick navigation inside Creator Hub, I built the Two-clicks navigation bar. One-click to open a section and one for a page inside it. Try it and you’ll never go back.

📱And what if an idea strikes when you are not on your pc?

Creator Phone Hub covers all your Creator's essential needs.

Don't be afraid to leave your computer. With Creator Hub everywhere is the right place to create!

🆙 Always updated with Updates page!

Kaizen attitude! Nothing is perfect and everything can be improved.

I value your feedback and I will share monthly surveys to ask you what you think about coming features and what you would like to change and improve.

Then, you will find a dedicated page within your Creator Hub that will always stay updated without you doing anything.

See the latest changes and what's coming on the Public Updates page.

🏅 What other creators are saying about Creator Hub

I make some of the most talented Creators I know try Creator Hub and let me know what they think about it.

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